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Title: Where to find the Two of Three

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    Icon4 Where to find the Two of Three

    I've heard that he is near a battle up by Shrouded Glad, but that he is also near a battle in Still Water Crossing. I'm not sure where he is exactly, and I keep switching from place to place but he's not showing up. Any info/tricks to get him to appear would be greatly appreciated. -Thanks

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    Default Re: Where to find the Two of Three

    Dawn made a vid on YouTube you could check out. Also there's a thread about it somewhere. I know 2/3 spawns by the Cursed Graveyard. And 3/3 spawns in Precursor Ruins.

    Keep in mind, there is different places where they all spawn.
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    Default Re: Where to find the Two of Three

    Happy I made this lol c:
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