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    Default "Where Is Everyone" Warrior Quest.... where the guards are

    In the "Where is Everyone" Warrior quest, you have to search for missing pixie guards around Sanctuary, with no "take me there" button. Here is where I found them.

    I might have names mixed up in this quest but locations should work:
    Guard Hardin - end of street on west side of town, in front of a store.
    Guard Banee - wandering street on east side of town.
    Guard Snapdragon - walking next to the Queensfields southeast of Sanctuary.
    Guard Slashi - behind a building near the guard headquarters where you took the quest (the area with waterways behind the palace tree).
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    Default Re: "Where Is Everyone" Warrior Quest.... where the guards are

    Man I remember looking for those guards... This would have helped for sure had I not already done it XD but it's bound to help anyone else who hasn't... As a matter of fact I know someone who is wanting to find these guards... Thank you
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