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    Default Where does the Pumpkin Prince Spawn?

    I know where he spawns, like Bristlewood, Sanctuary, etc. I just want to know the exact location. for example, port to ___ then head ___ turn ___ and there he is. Any info would be wonderful -Thanks

    (I know where to find him in Bristlewood)

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    Default Re: Where does the Pumpkin Prince Spawn?

    hello coco.. from your other thread, you can defeat the pumpkin prince by hitting with that ectoplasmic thingy from that dispenser that appears when the pumpkin prince appear.. for their location, the only ones that i know are in snowhill---go to snowhill stone, he is near in there, just go run north from the stone, you cant miss it. other area is in still water crossing, again port to stone and run north. you really cant miss him, other players also port and youll just have to follow them

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    Default Re: Where does the Pumpkin Prince Spawn?

    Hello Coco,

    Tara already explained the other two locations.

    It also helps to have the quest from The Ghost Hunter. If you have that quest active, and the Pumpkin Prince appears, the quest will lead you to him.

    Good luck!

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