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    Default Where can I get goth items?

    Members-only? Where can I get these?
    and are they tradeable?

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    Default Re: Where can I get goth items?

    The FR-Wiki says that the Goth items are obtained via "virtual reward cards in the Trading Card Game." Hope it helps, mate...

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    Default Re: Where can I get goth items?

    they are from tcg packs, they are not member
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    Default Re: Where can I get goth items?

    Goth items are Virtual Rewards from Shattered Past booster packs- VRs are not members only
    Each booster pack has 1 random VR- it could be something awesome like a goth item, or it could be a one-time use consumable like a health potion

    They ARE tradable in the trade section of the TCG; unfortunately, the trade area is members only
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