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Title: Where...?

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    Icon9 Where...?

    Where do you get the robot hat that everyone is wearing Thanks
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    plz to tell this to any mom, dad, anty, uncle, frog, hobo! cause i want to make ppl less dumb every day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by venom56 View Post
    Where do you get the robot hat that everyone is wearing Thanks
    Halloween quest, they are Spectacles.

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    Default Re: Where...?

    It requires a FR Membership. You do the Halloween quest for Halloween Harry, the little skeleton guy. It is a quest line so don't expect to immediately get them. Hope that helps!
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    You have to do a questline that starts with Halloween Harry. Just do his quest until you talk to Lucinda (I believe that's her) in Blackspore. Eventually she will be telling you to wear thegoggle and look for ghosts.
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