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    Icon4 Whats the key to the city quest line?

    Whats the key to the city? And whats the city, which city? Gosh IDK!!!
    Can anyone help me find it???


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    Default Re: Whats the key to the city quest line?

    Key to the City is both an item in a key collection as well as the name of the quest that rewards the item. The quests are mainly in Snowhill. You can begin them by speaking to Frostpetal at the Snowhill gate, just a little west of the Snowhill Warpstone.
    As a side note, the Key to the City (the item) is the only key that cannot be found in Rare Robgoblin Junkpiles.
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    Default Re: Whats the key to the city quest line?

    The questline starts with frostpetal (she is at the gate where you enter snowhill). When you finish with that questline, go to Tevin (he is standing next to Mayor Crystline) and do all those quests. Then, Tah-Dah you have the key to the city!!!!

    Remember this is for members ONLY

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    Default Re: Whats the key to the city quest line?

    Speak to Frostpetal in the gate to the entrace to Snowhill to start the quest line.

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    Default Re: Whats the key to the city quest line?

    The very first quest of the line starts with Frostpetal at the entrance of Snowhill. Just go to the warpstone then look to the left i believe and go back some, and you should see the entrance sign and she will be a pixie on the right of it. Here is a link for the questline:!
    Towards the botton of that page, it has like a list of quests after that one. The one right after it is Hot mess. You should see that at the bottom of the page. If you need anymore guidance with the quests after you "Meet the Mayor", the whole questline and decriptions will be there. Here is the questline in numerical order in which you should complete: 1. Meet the Mayor 2. Hot mess 3. Bad Neighbors 4. Toiling with Towels 5. Smoothie Operator 6. Something Fishy 7. Wayward Worms 8. The Hole Thing 9. Little J is missing! 10. Big J Says Thanks 11. Status Reports and finally 12. Key To The City ( thats where you will receive it ). Also remember that some of the quests are for members only. And the questline is the only way to get the key. Good luck and Happy questing!!!
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