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Title: What was VPI?

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    Default What was VPI?

    What was VPI? (Virtual Pet Insider)

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    Default Re: What was VPI?

    The Free Realms Insider website used to be called "Virtual Pets Insider" before the Free Realms game was released. See for the announcement.

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    Default Re: What was VPI?

    Please go back to the old threads you created and check that you have been answered there before creating another thread on the same topic. (And then bump them if you can so you don't need to make another thread......) (What was Virtual Pet Insider?) ~ There is awesome info from RP there about the fore life of FRI.

    (Link to deviantArt)


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    Default Re: What was VPI?

    VPI is technically FRI and VPI was owned by Kade and Claire but it basically just covered other virtual worlds until the launch of Free Realms where they changed the website up. I was an unregistered person at the time of VPI and I will say that FRI is MUCH better.

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