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    Default What just happened?

    So after months of not playing I finally returned and guess what happened
    Even though Im not a member anymore my vip status lowered from celebrity to trendsetter, then I lost my rouge outfit.
    The only good thing from this is that I found out that I have a wild condo
    but how did I get it?
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    Default Re: What just happened?

    Well, Your VIP status increases and decreases on how diligent you are with your membership. Say, your a member for a few months and you get to level 2, but then you aren't for a month or two and it will decrease.

    Oh and they gave those out for free. I think they give them when you make new characters now instead of apartments.
    Thanks to the people who made my 4 years on Free Realms special. Hope yall are doin good. See yall down the road.

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    Default Re: What just happened?

    Yes, like Lev said.

    And as for the Rogue outfit, you need to be at the level it required to use it. I don't know what level that outfit is, but you probably decreased past that level and now you can't use it anymore. ):

    Stinks. xD

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