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    Icon8 what is extend claw?

    what is extend claws i know that it is a card but why it is so expensive can someone tell me the effect of this card and i wanna know what the best tcg card is
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    Default Re: what is extend claw?

    First of all, you can only get Extend Claws from physical booster packs (or from the special FRI-TCG tourneys).

    It's effect is strong, but overpowered: Instantly destroys the foe of your battling Nature creature.

    There is no best TCG card. Most cards are good in their own ways.
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    Default Re: what is extend claw?

    You can also get it by trading although most people want to hold on to them. But if you're lucky enough to find somebody willing to trade you one, expect to pay a hefty price.
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    Default Re: what is extend claw?

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