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Title: What is....

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    Default What is....

    What is a Thick Pocket Book VR, and what does it do?

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    Default Re: What is....

    hmm i just think it has some collections in it and some cash thats my oppinion

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    Default Re: What is....

    its random everytime you open it stuff you cant get from anywhere else but its also stuff you dont want or need
    if you sold each item you get back for coins you might get 500 coins not worth buying okay if you get it for free

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    Default Re: What is....

    its very worthless i got one and used it it drops this wallet on the floor and you get this worthless stuff from it that you cant use i still have some of the stuff o.e like i got this penny thing that you sell for 50 coins you cant do anything with it except sell not even trade so if you get a thick pocket book it would be best to trade it its wanted by alot of people that dont know what it is and want it

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