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    Default Werewolf quest!

    Okay, so I am following the werewolf questline (yes, I am extremely loyal to the werewolves) and I just got to the part where there is going to be a dance off, but it says I need to equip a werewolf costume. Do I actually need to buy it from the SC Marketplace, or is there somewhere I can attain it? Please help me!

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    Default Re: Werewolf quest!

    You have to buy it with SC. I know terrible! Bad SOE! How dare you use your quest lining ways to make kids/teens/adults buy SC items!
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    Default Re: Werewolf quest!

    IKR!!!!! I am loyal to the werewolves myself, and its not fair that in order to get some silly shirt you have to pay like 800 SC for some outfit.

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    Default Re: Werewolf quest!

    500sc and its nice that you get to save sc though when you do get it because you get the shirt
    at least you get do the quests and get some rewards and have fun in the new battles then have this a members only quest pack you get in the sc market

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    Default Re: Werewolf quest!

    Ikr!! Its the same for the Vampire quest line. ( thats the one i picked. idk why. i just picked one ) I only have 599sc left and its like 450sc for the costume. It's just another way of exploiting us. What more can we expect from SOE?

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    Default Re: Werewolf quest!

    I had the same exact feeling. When it said to "Equip a Werewolf Costume" I was like, "Oh noo..." D:
    I got no SC, so I gotta wait a little bit. ;-;
    But what I figured is that if you really want to complete that quest, I'd buy the Werewolf Pack (With the Werewolf Tail, T-shirt, Wolf, and Black Costume) so I could get more things for my team! :-D

    Go Werewolfs! xD

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    Default Re: Werewolf quest!

    Ya you have to buy it from the Sc Market

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