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    Icon4 WERE IS ZINNIA!!!

    i really want to find this pixie girl. they say she gives you kool things so i wan tto no were she is she is dressed in farm stuff -umm let me seee- i dont have pic!!!! plz help some one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: WERE IS ZINNIA!!!

    I've never done that quest before, but i found her. Here are the directions:

    Teleport to "Floren Forest" (it's near Wugachug)

    Take the path out, and turn right. (still on the path)

    Keep going util you reach a house.

    She is just to the left of the house.

    (: i hope it's the right person =P but it is a members only quest...

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    Default Re: WERE IS ZINNIA!!!

    Well....I did the quest and it gave me 24 coins.... :/
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    Default Re: WERE IS ZINNIA!!!

    well, there is the girl who is bythere, but she's in the little pond on a dock... she gives cool stuff like checkered sneakers for your cat and... i think something else. you should try her.
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