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Title: VIP leveling

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    Default VIP leveling

    Hey guys. Right now I am level 4 and a half in VIP. Do you have any idea how long it will take for me to become level 5?
    Shanna Thundersky
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    Default Re: VIP leveling

    well it depends how long you have been a member with out any gaps
    ex: you are a member for 2 years your membership expires for one month, then you renew.
    if you have been a member for a year straight (like me) it should take a few days-a few weeks for you to be lvl 5
    Twinkle0077 :3 (IGN: Savannah Dream)

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    Default Re: VIP leveling

    mhm, they said something about buying and/or using SC, but sorry i cant answer your question all the way. I'd say 2 weeks - a month.

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