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    Default video questions

    wel this is my first time making a music video and i was wondering a few things

    • how do i crop a video? (like take out all the unwanted background stuff?)
    • how do i remove names above EVERYBODY's head in freerealms?
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    Default Re: video questions

    Any edits you wish to make will need to be done in a movie editor. When a video is finished recording, it should be saved to your computer (in the SOE -> Free Realms -> Video Capture [or something] folder). You can use that file to edit it, although, as mentioned before, it'll need to be on a movie editor, like Windows Movie Maker. I can't really tell you any details on actually cropping or editing it, though.

    Hit F10 to hide the User Interface and any names. If it doesn't work, check your Game Options via the silver gear near the logout button. The option will be on the very first page, "F10 Hides UI."
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    Default Re: video questions

    Wow Random thats a lot of info.
    Anyways to crop a video you have to use an editor but sometimes it depends on what video capture your using for it.

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