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Title: VB Points

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    Default VB Points

    How does the Points work for Visitor Messages, Albumpictures and Social Groups?
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    Default Re: VB Points

    Probably has to do with how many messages you have or how many groups you are in, along with how many pics youve uploaded, but im not sure

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    Default Re: VB Points

    I would take a wild guess and say that the points are influenced directly by all associated factors with the system. Visitor Message points, for example, would depend on how many VMs you've received and sent, though sent VMs to a lesser degree. Album pictures perhaps depend on the number of albums and images you've uploaded, comments on them, views, etc. Social Groups... perhaps the number of groups you've joined, discussions you've started or commented on, how many comments your discussions have gotten, your contributions to the group (pictures), etc. These are all just guesses, though. Each factor would have a different amount of points to contribute, obviously, though I can't tell you which would be more or less influential since I don't know. I would guess that factors that only other members can contribute to would be greater factors, though; therefore, for example, how many comments you've gotten on your album pictures would give more points than more pictures themselves.

    For a more definitive answer, you may want to contact Kade Wolfspotter. I believe he's responsible for the coding and such of the site, so he should better understand the workings of the system than I would. Monkies may have a better answer, too, but I'm completely unsure with that.
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    Default Re: VB Points

    Questions regarding vBExperience on FRI

    This has a total overview on the base point system for vBE - It's pretty much "factory default" and Kade hasn't changed much to it, it seems.

    (Link to deviantArt)


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