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    Icon8 vampries VS Wolfs????

    Okay well i have like 1000 sc left && i dont know what i should spend it on...
    I wanna get the vampires set... or the wolfs set for 900SC but idk
    This girl in the sanctuary had on a vampire team t-shirt... but it was red!
    My question is how did she make it red? When i try to buy it... it only gives
    me black!
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    Default Re: vampries VS Wolfs????

    you should be able to color them the colors they have in the sc shop. if not she probably got it from the vampire vs wolves quests
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    Default Re: vampries VS Wolfs????

    No, you cant color the shirts purchased in the Bundles (because they are part of a bundle, no option to color, this is true for the Vampire & Werewolf costumes as well purchased in the Bundle, however if you purchase separate - not in the bundle - you get to color them).

    So the "team" shirts come in four colors;
    The White Team Vampire Shirt comes in the Team Vampire Bundle
    The Black Team Werewolf Shirt comes in the Team Werewolf Bundle
    The Red Team Vampire Shirt you get when you complete the "Another One Bites the Muck" Quest
    The Blueish Grey Team Werewolf T-Shirt you get when you complete the "Howl of War" Quest
    If you have any questions refer to my Guide, the link is in my signature.

    Now, I dont know if you know this, but you can actually use the Vampire Count costume (only 200 SC) to complete the "Another One Bites the Muck" quest. You dont have to buy the more expensive Vampire Costume.

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    Default Re: vampries VS Wolfs????

    I got the vampire set for 900 SC and it is awesome. Thats all i can say.
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