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    Default Vampire/Werewolf Danceoff

    Hey, everyone.
    I was just wondering, on the Vampires/Werewolf Danceoff quest, are we supposed to BUY a costume? Because I'm on the vampire side and am not sure what to do or what time that's supposed to start.
    If we do have to buy a costume, then, WOW, SoE, WOW.......
    Way to get kids to buy products they might not want from you...

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    Default Re: Vampire/Werewolf Danceoff

    It starts when you see the in-game message across the bottom of the screen.

    It is located right outside of Bone Bog Cemetery.

    And yes, you do need to have some type of vampire or werewolf costume to fully participate. It doesn't have to be from the team packs but you do need one or the other to dance and to claim the prize at the end if your team wins.

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    Default Re: Vampire/Werewolf Danceoff

    yes you do have to buy i costume (which i think is ridiculous) to complete the quests. im missing one of the costumes and now i cant finish them. their marketing techniques need not be so obvious.
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