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    Default Re: Vampire QUEST!

    Those outfits/clothes can only be bought through SC in the Market place.

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    Default Re: Vampire QUEST!

    Ok I know mot of them said this but (and it passed but just making sense) THE ONLY WAY is to see Madam Zelda and then when you do it you go to the grave with the vamps and press /dance (I DID THAT ANYWAY) and then it will say thanks! You turn it in and then whne you have time you have to buy the sc costume and THEN you get the shirt
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    Default Re: Vampire QUEST!

    Actually you can do both team Vampire and team Werewolf quests. I did both at the same time. The only point you could not carry a quest for both lines was at the end. When you accept to do the dance off for one, the other won't be available until you complete (or drop) that quest.
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    Default Re: Vampire QUEST!

    Just like layla said you have to get the quests from madame zelda to first start the quests.She will ask you to choose a team (i chose werewolf) after that you have to catch a chicken for whatever side you choose after that you talk to the leader and then i think they tell you to mess up the other teams dance rehearsal then you go back to the leader and then he will ask you to equip a costume of whatever team you chose for the dance-off (remember to get the costume you must have SC) after you do the dance-off you will get the shirt.

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    Default Re: Vampire QUEST!

    You have to buy it from the Sc shop its will come with a vampire outfit and vampire fangs

    for the werewolf shirt you have to buy it from the Sc shop and it comes with a werewolf tail and a werewolf costume

    The fangs and werewolf tail can not be worn at the same time

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