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    Icon9 Uploading a Youtube Video

    I need help on uploading a video because when I make a video on free realms, about 5 minutes, IT TAKES ABOUT TWENTY FOUR HOURS TO UPLOAD!!! Is there an easier way of doing it? I had a windows vista computer and I would go to movie maker to create it a video but now that I have a windows seven computer, the file is never a "video" so please help me! Oh and BTW, my computer is extremely fast for i can turn my graphics all the way up and while recording, My quality is very high so please help!

    If you read my entire problem, thanks for your time!
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    Default Re: Uploading a Youtube Video

    Use hyper cam 3 you save it in your computer then upload it in youtube
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    Default Re: Uploading a Youtube Video

    It does that with mine too. Just be patient! But if you don't have the patience, I would suggest using Fraps or Unregistered Hypercam 2 or 3. Look them up on Google and download one.

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