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    Icon8 Ultimate game cards work for Free Realms?

    hey, i was sad because one of my favorite online games dont have member shiips cards, then in the forums i see there is something called "ultimate game card" and i see that it works for SoE and they list someof their game (see copy of the list) but i don't see free realms on the list so i was wondering if it works.

    Copy of what's on the UGC website:

    Sony Online: Play Everquest, Star Wars Galaxies & More

    Enter Sony Online and play Everquest, Everquest II, Star Wars Galaxies, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, Everquest Online Adventures and Planetside. Join others in a variety of games and experience exciting new challenges, mesmerizing puzzles, epic journeys, organized competitions, team play and action! Get easy access to free online games & trials, console games and aall your favorite Massively Multiplayer Online Games with Sony games online.
    Want to get your hands on the Sony Online game card? Buy the Ultimate Game Card and get more of your favorite online game. You could be playing premium in less than an hour!
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    Default Re: Ultimate game cards work for Free Realms?

    Did you send in a ticket to ask?
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