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Title: Uhhh?

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    Default Uhhh?

    How do I send in report thingies. My freerealms as been acting like total fudge! D: If theres any way i could get a quicker response please tell me. its been going on for like a month now.

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    Default Re: Uhhh?

    You'll want to follow these instructions:
    Quote Originally Posted by EatMonkies View Post
    When your logged in:

    1. Go to > <
    2. Press the "Ask for help" Button on the bottom of the page i have linked above
    3. Fill out the form in the next page with detailed information as to your issues or questions.
    This is the only "report" they'll really respond to, so if it's something that needs information or a response, you'll want to go with the above.

    As for reporting a specific player, simply click on their name in the Chat Box and click on the right-most option. From the context, it doesn't seem like you need to know this, though.
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    Default Re: Uhhh?

    click on chat history click there name and you will see report
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