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Title: Uchat????

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    Icon4 Uchat????

    Okay well i dont really feel like telling you the whole story so ill just cut to the point xD

    Somebody tried to add me and i clicked on the little check thingy (yes) and It said this: --look @ the pic:::::


    Okay what does that mean????
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    Default Re: Uchat????

    i have never, EVER seen that beofre, i may have seen, unable to ADD, but i have never seen unable to accept... sry about this one...

    try checking what's uchat on google... maybe see if there's a way to turn it on...

    ... I Don't Know
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    Default Re: Uchat????

    wow i have not seen that one before,if a friend request for me fails usually i get the message that the person is either offline or i am for some reason not connected to the Friends server, thats probably what it was saying, not really sure o.O

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    Default Re: Uchat????

    Maybe it's something yet to come ? ... No idea but if you sent in a ticket asking about it.. would you let us know too ?
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