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    Default Treasure Ticket Stuff?

    I still have 209 Treasure Tickets from when those were given out at the end of mini-games...

    Are there any items in particular from there that are particularly valuable / would be worth trying to get?

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    Default Re: Treasure Ticket Stuff?

    Freestyle clothing from the vault seems to have colors different from the Coin Shop. I've seen pieces go as high as 150,000 coins for a shirt, as low as 50,000 coins, if I remember right. It depends on the piece and its color, of course, but I'm no expert on that.
    Clothing for some other jobs, such as Soccer Star, may also be worth something, but I'm less sure of those.

    As a little side note, you may want to keep just one ticket so you can always go in the vault at will.
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