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Title: Transformation

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    Default Transformation

    i need to get some stuff to my alt,is someone willing to help out?

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    Default Re: Transformation

    Don't think it's a very good idea to do that, they are a bunch of people out there that will help you transfer (or say they will) and don't give stuff back. Shouldn't you ask, idk, your best friend in fr that you can trust with your life? Or just try to get the stuff on that char with whatever you did to get it.
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    Default Re: Transformation

    Well if you trust me enough, I will do this.

    ~Not sure if this is against FRI Forum rules though
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    Default Re: Transformation

    No matter what you can't trust anyone you met online, even if they're your best friend in-game. There are a lot of people who would take advantage of this and scam you. Be careful!

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    Default Re: Transformation

    Is there anybody your close friends with?
    That you may have been/have helped transfer before?
    Cause you shouldn't trust most people online.
    It's also good to make note of whats being traded, like a checklist.
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