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Title: Trading Card Game

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    Icon5 Trading Card Game

    Hey guys, call me weird, but i've never been able to figure out
    TCG (trading card game) every time i try to play it, i just
    dont get it. If someone would be sooo kind as to help
    me figure it out, i would greatly appricitate it ♥.
    ~Charlotte ☺
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    Default Re: Trading Card Game

    There is a tutorial in the TCG lobby.
    Run through that a couple of times, and if you are still having trouble, post back.
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    Default Re: Trading Card Game

    Its very very confusing at first, try reading some of the tutorials.
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    Default Re: Trading Card Game

    After some tutorials I suggest doing singleplayer games in the lobby against Kai. He has a pretty basic deck and it won't add a tick to your win/loss record.
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