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    Default Torunaments in TCG

    I love doing tournaments. But I don't know how to challenge somebody! Like sometimes something pops up to play cards with someone. But I want to know how I could do it by myself. SO does anyone know if I can do that?

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    Default Re: Torunaments in TCG

    tournaments are basically PvP in terms of TCG, there's no way you could play them by yourself. However, you can go to the casual lobby and face Kai the ninja, or even face other TCG NPCs

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    Default Re: Torunaments in TCG

    It's automatic, the computer chooses your opponents. You just have to wait until it does.

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    Default Re: Torunaments in TCG

    yeah automatic guess is they dont want people to keep challenging/requesting the same people and cheat. so one perosn gets like 31 wins and the other gets -31 LOL. xD that would be hilarious tho, suck for the negative person XP
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    Default Re: Torunaments in TCG

    Tournaments use random matching to keep players from having to face the same opponent repeatedly. The Casual play lobby is where you want to be in order to play one on one.

    You can set a game, challange someone that has set a game, or play against friends by agreement. The casual lobby can be a little confusing at first, so post back if you have trouble figguring it out.
    One thing to bear in mind in casual is that you can play with the game timer either on or off. Timed games will record wins and losses on your stats, but untimed games will not. Untimed games are a great way to test decks, or to play friends just for the fun of it.
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