Heya! I need to know if these items have around the right pricing or not, if not please give me a good price range. But if it is around the right ranges PLEASE TELL ME! Thnx :]

Strong Scraper Helmet Yellow = 275K-450K
Feisty Fighter Cap Berrybright = 355K-500K
Pain Relief Gloves Yellow = 355K-650K
Alley Fighter Gloves Mahogany = 525K-740K
Alley Fighter Gloves Dark Brown = 375K-500K
Buff Bruiser Shirt Orange = 455K-650K
Intrepid Protector Tunic Dark Blue = 500K-810K
Biting Mongoose Hamaka Berrybright = 550K-860K
Prowling Rat Hamaka Berrybright = 355K-650K

Comet Infused Shoes Light Blue = 610K-950K
Lunar Enchanted Slacks Light Blue = 610K-995K
Hasty Mailing Shorts Mahogany = 800K-1,100,000coins