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Title: Text Colors

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    Default Text Colors

    I have a Red (Not sure on color, Thunderbird/Rubybrust) Cowboy hat. I believe it's a Vault. I also have a Blossom (Light Pink) Blouse Vest. Both of these items have Orange Text, But so do most of not all SC Items are Orange Text. I have never sen any other Vault items with this text color.
    Also, items from TCG Rewards have Blue Text, so do old Member items, Promo Items as well as some Holiday Event Things. And Lastly, from past Valentine holiday rewards there were Heart Shaped Sunglasses, they have a green text. (Sport Shades, Flair Shards, ect.)
    Can anyone explain this color, I dont understand. =/
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    Default Re: Text Colors

    I think they're items that could be purchased from old merchants. I'm pretty sure that's the case with the blouse vest, not sure on the hat though.

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