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    Default Re: Team Vampire Quest?

    Quote Originally Posted by chris30s View Post
    You can do BOTH sets of quests on the same character... just pick one and finish that up, then go back to Madam Zelda and pick the other one.

    @ Firestar -- Madam Zelda is in Blackspore, at a cart/trailer near the cemetary. She starts both sets of quests.
    Thanks so much!

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    Default Re: Team Vampire Quest?

    Oh, wow, I forgot about Madam Zelda. xD Thanks guys!! :]

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    Default Re: Team Vampire Quest?

    I just finished the Team Vampire quest line. I'm back at Madame Zelda, but she has no exclamation point over her head that lets me begin the werewolf quest line. Oh, please tell me they didn't change it so we can only do one quest line... I was so looking forward to playing Team Vamp one night and Team Wolf the next.

    I'm all ready to spend SC on the werewolf costume, but not if I can't do the quest that goes with it!

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