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Title: -TCG VRs?-

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    Icon5 -TCG VRs?-

    Ok, I'm a lifetime member. Once a month I get a TCG pack with a VR, why can't I trade it? I want to trade some of them really bad. I don't have any at the moment, but i assure you I couldn't trade them. Is there a setting I have blocked or something? HALP!!1!!

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    Default Re: -TCG VRs?-

    No, you don't have anything blocked. There's no setting you can change for this.

    The members packs are locked so that you can't trade them. Since you get them free from SOE, you must use them on one of the characters on that account.

    The only cards and VRs you CAN trade are ones from packs that you have purchased with SC, or from codes in physical packs you buy with cash, or from winning them during an FRI tournament.
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