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Title: TCG Trade

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    Default TCG Trade

    Ok so i saw a trade in TCG Trading and i'm wondering if it's any good

    Corrupted Gem
    Alligator Suit
    Kitty Frog Eyes
    Briarheart Bandage Square Shard
    Frost Grenade
    Doggy Island Shirt
    Banana Suit

    Goth Coat
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    Default Re: TCG Trade

    the only good thing in that trade is the banana suit which goes for 100k the rest of the VR's are 10-30k the suit is like 50k goth coat is around 200-300k well thats what i see them go for most of the time....

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    Default Re: TCG Trade

    I personally wouldn't take that offer even though he/she is offering a lot of things, its not worth as much as your Goth coat. Its better to sell or trade the coat for something you actually like, may it be boosters, coins, clothes, battle gear.

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    Default Re: TCG Trade

    Maybe if they were offering Alligator head too, It might be an okay trade. Goth Coats usually go for 2-3 packs. If you don't need/want the Coat, I'd create a trade for 2-3 packs.
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    Default Re: TCG Trade

    hmm id say you would need a little more cash for that goth coat it cost about 250,000

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    Default Re: TCG Trade

    The banana suit will help. maybe you could offer the banana suit and one or two packs
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    Default Re: TCG Trade

    I think I have goth coat (I have to check, my internet is being a meany >_<)you want to establish a trade and if the other person does not accept (an btw, wrong thread, you should've posted in market)
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