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    Default Tcg Started Deck

    Ok i know i am new but i have been playing tcg lately i see some people with Machine Started deck doesnt everone start out with i only have a nature started deck is this a prblem or not.

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    Default Re: Tcg Started Deck

    There is a Machine Starter Deck and a Nature Starter Deck. A player can get either one when they begin TCG. Whether or not you can somehow choose which to get and how to do so is unknown to me.

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    Default Re: Tcg Started Deck

    You can't choose it's completely random. Only two spheres of starter dcks machne and nature.

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    Default Re: Tcg Started Deck

    You start out with either a Machine deck or Nature deck. I started with a Nature one. You can't start with both decks. However, upon completing quests, you get more and more cards.
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