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    Default TCG retired items

    This is not a question but hopefully others will find it helpful information and may answer their questions before they even get around to asking them. I sent in the following ticket to find out what items are available in the digital booster packs and what items are retired. I did not include any consumables in my ticket as I really don't care about the consumables. I am posting my list here, and the reply that I did receive:

    Quote Originally Posted by fiziali
    As there does not seem to be a complete list of items that are no longer available in TCG and the VR's are not separated according to what is available and what is no longer available, nor are those items marked in any way in TCG, I would like to find out which of the following items is no longer available (from the booster packs in the SC shop, not from other players), and which are still available, if any. Thank you!

    Free Realms Digital Booster Pack -

    Beautiful Bouquet
    Ceremonial Bone Wand
    Ceremonial Bone Saw
    Ceremonial Hammer
    Ceremonial Mantis Bow
    Electric Oil Diamond Shard
    Fiery Oil Diamond Shard
    **-Hum Hammer
    Money Hat
    Morphing Ball of Yarn
    Pretty Princess Hat
    Robgoblin Treasure Trove
    Rocker Hat
    Rocker Pants
    Rocker Sneakers
    Rocker Vest
    Seeing Stars Spyglass
    Sizzling Frying Pan
    Sparkling Tiara
    Spinner Cap
    Toyger Whistle
    Ceremonial Shadowblade
    Icy Oil Diamond Shard
    S'mores Stick

    Heroes Booster Pack -

    Quote Originally Posted by Referee Silver
    Referee Silver here.

    Out of the list you gave us all but one of those Virtual Rewards are/were able to be obtained through the Physical Free Realms Booster Packs. It is only the Ceremonial Shadowlblade which can be received through Free Realms Digital Booster Packs. As is with this case of any non-locked, unclaimed VR, all these items are able to be traded to/from another player.

    Emo-tor was never available through the Heroes Booster Pack. Emo-tor was given as part of a special promotion during the first Festival of Hearts in Free Realms. This promotion was for a TCG Booster Pack Bundle. The Bundle included 10 Booster Packs and the Emo-tor VR.

    I hope this information is found to be useful. If there is anything more that we can answer on this matter, or there is something else that we may assist you with, then please do not hesitate to let us know.
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    Default Re: TCG retired items

    From your submitted list to the Ref, you can also get the Icy Oil Diamond Shard from the Digital booster pack.

    I got this info from the MM site, author is Archer Cherubgrin (Nov 3, 2010 at 2:14am):

    "Series 1 Virtual Rewards
    Cards #2 - 51 are in physical Booster Packs only
    Cards #52 - 101 are in virtual Booster Packs only

    Passport to Free Realms - 1L1 (Available only in physical Starter Packs)
    Audrey's Special Salad - 1L2
    Beautiful Bouquet - 1L3
    Booming Blue Firecrackers - 1L4
    Kitty Princess Collar - 1L5
    Kitty Princess Gown - 1L6
    Kitty Princess Slippers - 1L7
    Kitty Princess Tiara - 1L8
    Burnt Toast - 1L9
    Ceremonial Bone Wand - 1L10
    Ceremonial Bonesaw - 1L11
    Ceremonial Hammer - 1L12
    Ceremonial Mantis Bow - 1L13
    Chicken Feed - 1L14
    Chugawug Bandit Mask - 1L15
    Chugawug Brew - 1L16
    Crazy Coin Scroll - 1L17
    Cupcake of Tim the Tiny - 1L18
    Electric Oil Diamond Shard - 1L19
    Fiery Oil Diamond Shard - 1L20
    Glow Cookie - 1L21
    Glowing Contacts - 1L22
    **-Hum Hammer - 1L23
    Icicle Ice Cream - 1L24
    Kitty Ninja Gi - 1L25
    Kitty Ninja Pawguards - 1L26
    Laughter Latte - 1L27
    Money Hat - 1L28
    Morphing Ball of Yarn - 1L29
    Jumbo Health Potion - 1L30
    Jumbo Mana Potion - 1L31
    Jumbo Replenishing Potion - 1L32
    Penguin Feather Mask - 1L33
    Pixachino - 1L34
    Players Club Card - 1L35
    Pretty Princess Hat - 1L36
    Rainbowopsicle - 1L37
    Red Dragon Firecrackers - 1L38
    Robgoblin Treasure Trove - 1L39
    Rocker Hat - 1L40
    Rocker Pants - 1L41
    Rocker Sneakers - 1L42
    Rocker Vest - 1L43
    Seeing Stars Telescope - 1L44
    Sizzling Frying Pan - 1L45
    Sparkling Tiara - 1L46
    Spinner Cap - 1L47
    Super Star Scroll - 1L48
    Thousand Pound Cake - 1L49
    Toyger Whistle - 1L50
    Traffic Cone Hat - 1L51
    Banana Suit - 1L52
    Bandit Burger - 1L53
    Batwing Cookie - 1L54
    Bean Burrito - 1L55
    Bottle of Butterflies - 1L56
    Card Shark Trilby - 1L57
    Ceremonial Jeweled Axe - 1L58
    Ceremonial Shadowblade - 1L59
    Chicken Hat - 1L60
    Crazy Coin Scroll - 1L61
    Crimson Rose - 1L62
    Cupcake of Tim the Tiny - 1L63
    Dunce Cap - 1L64
    Flaming Jalapeno Pepper - 1L65
    Floppy Fish - 1L66
    Goblin Smith Apple - 1L67
    Heart Candy - 1L68
    Ice Cream Sandwich - 1L69
    Icy Oil Diamond Shard - 1L70
    Kitty Ninja Cowl - 1L71
    Jumbo Health Potion - 1L72
    Jumbo Mana Potion - 1L73
    Jumbo Replenishing Potion - 1L74
    Lilipad Lollipop - 1L75
    Man-Eating Plant Mask - 1L76
    Morphing Dog Bone - 1L77
    Paper Hat - 1L78
    Players Club Card - 1L79
    Pointy Pickaxe - 1L80
    Pug Whistle - 1L81
    Robgoblin Cooking Mask - 1L82
    S.S. Dingy Paddle - 1L83
    Skater Beanie - 1L84
    Skater Kicks - 1L85
    Skater Shirt - 1L86
    Skater Shorts - 1L87
    Skylightning Firecracker - 1L88
    Doggy Island Lei - 1L89
    Doggy Island Sandals - 1L90
    Doggy Island Shirt - 1L91
    Doggy Island Sunglasses - 1L92
    Doggy Swashbuckler Collar - 1L93
    Doggy Swashbuckler Hat - 1L94
    Doggy Swashbuckler Peg Leg - 1L95
    Doggy Swashbuckler Vest - 1L96
    Sparkly Oil Diamond Shard - 1L97
    Super Star Scroll - 1L98
    Superstar Spotlight - 1L99
    Thick Pocket Book - 1L100
    Thousand Pound Cake - 1L101
    S'mores Stick - 1LP1 (Exists only as physical card; not redeemable in-game)
    Fan Faire '09 T-Shirt - 1LP2 (Promo card given to Fan Faire participants)"
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