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Title: Tcg Games

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    Default Tcg Games

    Heyy I logged onto FR to go play TCG... I went into the tourney lobby and for some reason, when I click my "games remaining" button, It comes up as a blank screen... you know how when you click the butotn a screen comes up showing all the games you won and loss. It shows all the green checkmarks and red X's, yea on my screen it wont show up. Everything is there but those green and red markings... Udk if I should play tcg or not. Also I still gotta play my 3 ranked matches today... Is anyone else having this problem??

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    Default Re: Tcg Games

    I would suggest re-logging into Free Realms and trying again.

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    Default Re: Tcg Games

    I think it was like that since last night. Its still not working for me and I cleared my cache

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    Default Re: Tcg Games

    The Leaderboard and ranking system are currently out-of-order since yesterday morning. I also got a message "Matchmaking temporarily unavailable."
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    Default Re: Tcg Games

    I saw that just before maintenance, too, Brett. Hope a fix works!

    I played three games yesterday and they showed in my total game count (wins & losses), but I did not receive the rewards for playing in the tournament. I could not get the top duelist information to show up - just kept an hour glass until I left TCG.
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