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Title: TCG?

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    Default TCG?

    hi guys, im a level 8 Card Duelist but i wanna know more about the game. how can you build ur deck, why are some cards different colors (ex: mine are green, while Garrison Gold's are red) can you make another deck, how do you make another anyhow, and other questions. the tutoral didnt really say much, or maybe im just hard to teach lol
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    Default Re: TCG?

    Cards are different colors for different sets and types of cards. If yours is green it's the nature deck. You can still add on to those when you buy card packs.
    You can build a deck in the TCG window. It should be in your menu at the bottom. All you do to make a deck is click which cards you want in your deck that you already own. =)
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    Default Re: TCG?

    well Steller!
    you can make your own deck
    by going onto the tcg lobby and clickling the deck builder button you can make a new deck by usung the cards you have bought or won.
    also each sphere nature,choas,machine and order have different colured gems for there creatures and the abilites of the deck.
    like you said Garreson has green and red coloured gems mostly so he would be suited to a machine deck because machine use green and red gems.

    well thats all!
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    Default Re: TCG?

    You can change your deck by going to the TCG Lobby which can be accessed by clicking on the TCG icon in the Game Guide. Click on the 'Deck Builder' button and you can build decks!

    There are four elements in the game, Nature, Machine, Order, and Chaos. Combining cards with different elements isn't a good idea, try matching cards witht he same type to make the most out of your cards! Yours is Nature, because it's green. A Hero Card is orange.
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    Default Re: TCG?

    Th cards are different colors to show what deck and order they are put in. Press this link to know more!

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