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    Default is the system down?

    just asking cuz i cant log in to free realms.
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    Default Re: is the system down?

    I just saw you in game so I'm guessing it's working now.

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    Default Re: is the system down?

    i can get in okay, but when i start to do the snowman battle for a while, it says "Oops! You have been disconnected from the server." it has been doing that ever since snowdays started, but i think that it may stop when they end.
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    Default Re: is the system down?

    People I have had this problem before. First, Check to see if the server is down. Second check your internet settings. (I don't know why you have this problem.) ad see if it is something like cookies are disabled or your firewall won't let it work. Try this and reply back.

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