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Title: Summer quest.

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    Default Summer quest.

    Where is the pail ?

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    Default Re: Summer quest.

    You cant do that quest. It came as a glitch this year. It was for the summer splash last year and a bunch of those quests you cant finish.
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    Default Re: Summer quest.

    That was a quest from last years Summer Splash event. I dont know if SOE know's that they accidently added those in or not. But i hope they fix it soon
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    Default Re: Summer quest.

    umm... I did that quest.. Just clicked on the clock image above shelly's head.. doesn't give you anything but the stickers, which I believe, you can't use anymore to get the fireworks..

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    Default Re: Summer quest.

    Like what others said, it's unfortunately a glitch.

    I sure hope though that it was just an accident and that they will fix it. I want that Straw Hat and those old fireworks!
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