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Title: Sc Shard

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    Default Sc Shard

    Is there a thread of all sc shard cause i wont to look before i buy them also was is the new school torque tasher special move look like

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    Default Re: Sc Shard

    I hope this website will answer your question. I see the website doesn't show all of the SC Flair Shards but it's better than nothing.

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    Default Re: Sc Shard

    I have a torque tasher and a few of the shards. I will be glad to show you. I will be in game tomorrow afternoon and evening if you would like to see what I have.

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    Default Re: Sc Shard

    Well, when fishing a few days ago, noticed someone with the white sparkly shard and loved the effect on their fishing pole. So went and purchased one.

    It's best to look at others using the shards and then read the descriptions and decide what you want, why and how- with what job and outfits you will use the effect shards.

    On the other shards -you have to decide on use - do you want more defense then offense (attack)? Do you want major healing and regeneration? So you have to balance those shards to get the stats you want.
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    Default Re: Sc Shard

    We could get players to submit what they own and complie everything as an album for display. I know it's difficult to purchase something you really like without first looking at it.

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