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Title: Stars

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    Hey when ever you get the spin of the wheel you get coins and STARS what are stars for??????????

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    i think its xp for jobs...maybe adventurer...?
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    Indeed it is XP for whichever Job you were using when you received it.
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    You do not actually get stars from the wheel itself. Some tasks/quests have a predetermined number of stars for completion. Other tasks such as combat award stars based on your performance in completing the task such as number of opponents knocked out. As you already know, the total stars awarded is shown when you make your spin, but that number is not random like the wheel reward is. As others here have stated, it takes a certain number of stars to advance to the next level in each job. You will continue to earn stars after reaching level 20 in any job, but they no longer count for anything.

    On a side note, there are certain ways to increase your star earnings which will help you level faster. If you do the chef job first, you can produce consumables that grant you a star bonus when you activate them from inventory. Some of the consumables (foods) are specific to certain jobs. You can also produce consumables whice give combat and timing bonuses which can increase star output in tasks where stars are based on your performance. You can also pick up bonus oriented consumables from the completion wheel in all of the crafting jobs (chef, miner, blacksmith). Another thing to look out for is the Wheeler Star Scroll that is a random reward from the daily wheel. The Star Scroll can be activated from your inventory like any other consumable. To activate a consumable, simply move it to your belt items and select it from there. Do not activate more than one belt item of the same type at one time or the second one selected will cancel out the first.
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