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Title: stars

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    Default stars

    you know the ones you get as a reward for collections and minigames...

    What are they and what can the be used for?

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    Default Re: stars

    they go to leveling up. its your experience
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    Default Re: stars

    they are collected by doing different tasks given out by NPC'S (non playable characters).
    they help you level up and in all jobs,to increase health,power and allowing you to play higher level battles or make higher level things.
    although you may need quite a few number of them to level up,you may get special consumables such as the ''Super Star Scroll'' to increase you star gain by 100% for 2 hours.

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    Default Re: stars

    I know you used to be able to select what you wanted to be leveled up but they might have changed that

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    Default Re: stars

    That is to level up. When you finish a collection it comes with stars. Theres every job for every collection so all your jobs get maxed if you find the correct one

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