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Title: Somebody help...

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    Default Somebody help...

    Ok, so first of all, when was the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs event, was it in '10 or '09? And what month please?

    Also, since the new farming items are out I guess, I can't get onto FreeRealms until Monday (my mom's Mac doesn't like it...) so, if you can... Tell me the items, the prices and the effect, thanks!
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    Default Re: Somebody help...

    Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was released in theaters on Sept. 18 2009. I don't know of any event.

    Somebody did a really good post about the new farming items but I can remember who try looking for it using search.My response is a tad late so so might know already.

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    Default Re: Somebody help...

    Woah! I remember going to see that film...;o It's so old already?


    Spider Sprayer - Turns you and the people around you into SPIDAHS.
    Farmer Overalls - Just overalls really
    Farmer Shoes - Just boots that look a bit like blacksmith boots.
    Farmer Gloves - Just gloves that, yet again, look like blacksmith gloves.
    Growth Can (something like that) - Makes you taller.
    Shrinking Can - Makes you smaller.

    That's all I can remember...xD
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    Default Re: Somebody help...

    Try looking at this thread for the new farming items -

    -Limited IG time due to work-

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