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    Default Somebody Help!

    Heyas! Is it possible to whisper in the TCG lobby? If yes, do I have to type in the "/tell" command? Thanks in advance and have a happy Helloween!
    Why is it when someone posts a question in the "Somebody Help" section; somebody will answer it and then the ten or so subsequent posters will post the exact same thing as the first poster?

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    Default Re: Somebody Help!

    I dont think its possible to whisper, but you can just go into a trade with the person..

    That way only you and that person can read each message

    Hope this helps
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    Default Re: Somebody Help!

    Yes, you can whisper in TCG ... /tell Player'sFirstName

    DON'T use quotes, like you would in the game ... also you just use the player's FIRST NAME, not their whole name.
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