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    Icon8 Soggy Socks?!?!

    Unfortunately i have not got a picture of them, but i won some 'Soggy Socks' from the Robgoblin tab of the daily coin wheel and im wondering what on earth they are as i cannot find them in my inventory!!!
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    Default Re: Soggy Socks?!?!

    They're just a bad luck.
    Torak Lin ö(◕.◕)ö

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    Default Re: Soggy Socks?!?!

    they are in the junk section, along with truffles, and fish. they dont do anything, it is just FR's way of saying, you wasted your time, come back tomorrow, and get a bigger reward. like auto dealership ppl do
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    Default Re: Soggy Socks?!?!

    I think I have some too, but idk what it does. O_O
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    Default Re: Soggy Socks?!?!

    They do absolutely nothing. Getting them is just like saying "Here's some bad luck for you. Go enjoy this useless item"

    Although I hear some people buy them....
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    Default Re: Soggy Socks?!?!

    Oh, I am so glad to here that the soggy socks are still around. I haven't received any for so long that I thought they didn't exist on the wheel any longer! Very good to know!

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    Default Re: Soggy Socks?!?!

    me to i have quite a few pairs of soggy socks lol!
    they are useless but i remember som1 was buying them for a 100 coins each lol!

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    Default Re: Soggy Socks?!?!

    It's just junk, it does nothing at all, and FR is basically saying "We blew you off" XD

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    Default Re: Soggy Socks?!?!

    they dont do nothing its just bad luck
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