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Title: Sofia Search

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    Default Sofia Search

    Does anybody know what happened to Sofia Winterrocks? She started free realms in december 2009 and now she isnt on my friends list i searched her on profile search and it said no matches. Does anyone know if she quit? If she did can you tell me why.

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    Default Re: Sofia Search

    My guess is she probably deleted her account. Why I don't know, maybe she got tired of FR

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    Default Re: Sofia Search

    Well, what Sarah said, people get bored after so long. A bit of experience: When I started Free Realms back when it was launched, the name James Darkshadow was taken, so I ended up being James Darkshadow2. A couple months ago, I found that the original James Darkshadow account had been deleted, so I got my name.
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    Default Re: Sofia Search

    Either she deleted her account, or it is a possibility that she could have changed her name.

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    Default Re: Sofia Search

    I think she delete her account

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