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Title: So....

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    Default So....

    ...somebody told my friend that the vault closed because one person hacked a weapon from it? This doesn't really sound logical, so yeah.

    Anybody know if this is true or not?
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    Default Re: So....

    All I've heard is that someone hacked into the vault

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    Default Re: So....

    I don't remember if someone hacked into it or not, but I think they may have just closed it because they wanted to get more money. Now people actually have to spend their SC to get a rare chance for vault items. That's just my way of thinking though.

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    Default Re: So....

    I really didn't care that much about the Vault back then, so I really wouldn't know, but I mean, it's possible, not likely granted, but still possible.
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    Default Re: So....

    Don't rely on Kylar for vault answers.

    Here is why:

    The tickets were messing up with the coins and SC so tickets were becoming a new FR currency so they removed and closed the vault and made the coinshop with all the vaults((HUGE LIE THEY PUT NO VAULTS)). VaultBerries came in with some actual vaults you could win in awful colors ((magenta and sky blue FTW)) to get your SC and money.
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