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Title: Skullz gear

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    Default Skullz gear

    Hey Everyone you all know about sunstone valley is now open But i have a question. I finished all the quests and won the skullz gear but i see people with different colors of it then i have. So i asked a guy how he got it and he just said the open combat but idk how thats possible. I was fighting for hours in open combat and didnt get a single peice of it. Can someone tell me how i get it?

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    Default Re: Skullz gear

    Yes, you do get it in open combat area from random drops. But it doesn't seem to drop often unless your talking about the skull beanie. I think I managed to get skullz gloves at one point, which is brawler gear. The skull beanie's are adventurer gear. Hope this helps!
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    Default Re: Skullz gear

    hey its epic but i aint going to be esaey it took me months to get pieces of armor before so i dont expect this any differ

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