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Title: Shouldn't?

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    Default Shouldn't?

    I just heard that a $25 SC card is sold for 1,000,000 coins. But if you do the math starting off at 300,000 coins for the price of a $5 SC card*5=1,500,000. So do $25 SC cards sell for 1.5m? If not the prices need fixing.

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    Default Re: Shouldn't?

    I do not know.. As you can see i am not good at math, and i am totally confused. -_-

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    Default Re: Shouldn't?

    $5 cards arent worth 300K Laura lol. there worth like 200K.

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    Default Re: Shouldn't?

    errrr how would ppl even sell them in the first place? o.o'
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    Default Re: Shouldn't?

    @Sparkles to Sell an SC card you give the seller the coins then they PM you the code.

    @Nate the price for the 25$ as far as I know can juggle between 1Mil and 1.5Mil.
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    Default Re: Shouldn't?

    I have seen most $5 cards sell for 250k and $10 cards for 500k so I would assume a $25 card would sell for around 1.25 million

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    Default Re: Shouldn't?

    Weird, I Hope You Survive This Thing
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