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Title: Should i

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    Icon8 Should i

    hey guys i got this rly good offer from someone for my elite diving hawk set for 600,000 coins should i take the offer or not i need your opinion my main problem is what would i do with 600,000 coins

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    Default Re: Should i

    If you're a member, you could always spend the coins on VRs that you want...

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    Default Re: Should i

    I say take the offer before that person finds someone who will sell it a lot cheaper!

    There are a LOT of things you can do with 600,000 coins, check the free market
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    I would sell it if you dont use it because you can buy anything with 600,000 but if you use it and you like the armour i would keep it you can make 600,000 if you find a way to make money that you like.

    but this is from someone that never has gotten a offer in his life
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