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    Icon3 Shattered Past Quest Pack?

    I just bought a Shattered Past Quest Pack - Series 1 with my SC, and nothing has appeared in my TCG window. I've never bought a Quest Pack before, so I'm not sure if this is what is supposed to happen or not. If you know what I'm supposed to do, let me know!
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    Default Re: Shattered Past Quest Pack?

    If you meant Shattered Past- Quest Pack 1- It says that "Card Duelists can challenge Sir Wellington and friends to win cards from the Shattered Past card set. Find him outside the Vale of Ancients in Bristlewood. This item is also included in the Shattered Past- Quest Bundle."


    You can port to Vale of Ancient and on your screen an arrow will indicate you are close to Sir Wellington. He will have a series of Card Duelist quests ready for you.

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    Default Re: Shattered Past Quest Pack?

    I had the same mis-understanding. I wish Karennn had been around when I asked that same question.

    To further clarify. There is no item to be found anywhere in your inventory. The purchase of the quest pack unlocks the quest for you to earn new cards. Good luck on your new quest!
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    Default Re: Shattered Past Quest Pack?

    It is not a pack like a booster, it unlocks new quests! (awsome ones) Hope This Helps!
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