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    Default sending tickets?

    i want to change my name in fr and i know you send in a ticket to do that but i dont know how to send in a ticket.please help
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    Default Re: sending tickets?

    Go to Free Realms Help which you can find here click the "Ask for Help" button in the top right corner and sign in then fill out the form and in the "Describe your Problem" section of the forum put in your top five names you would like to change it to.
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    Default Re: sending tickets?

    Aww Myth, you beat me to it. Just do what he said, and you'll do it.
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    Default Re: sending tickets?

    You go to the question mark at the top of the screen click "Ask for help" then type in the title and description
    NOTE: Be sure to out the name you want to change it to in the description.

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